11/11/2010 01:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ken Buck: 'Democrats Did A Great Job Of Getting Out The Vote' (VIDEO)

Last week, Colorado Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams penned a memo to the Republican Central Committee members in which he disputed the notion that the Democrats' strong Get Out The Vote effort led to Michael Bennet's Senate victory.

"Despite the myth already being propagated since election day that Democrats had a more effective turn-out operation, the Colorado Republican Victory voter identification and turnout operation was successful and superior to the Democrats," Wadhams wrote.

The Chairman argued that, had the Democrats' GOTV effort been as strong as post-election analysts suggest, other statewide Democratic candidates would have been more competitive.

"Had the vaunted Democratic turnout operation been as effective as post-election mythology is portraying it, Democrats would have swept all of the statewide offices we won."

Well, count GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck among the purveyors of that "post-election mythology."

In an interview with KUSA's Adam Schrager on Wednesday, Buck declined to give one overarching for his defeat. However, he did say he "thought the Democrats did a great job of getting out the vote."

Buck went on to explain that his campaign was confident heading into election day, but "the voter day turnout favored the Democrats."