11/12/2010 02:56 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Seth Pace, North Carolina State Student, Goes On Naked Library Rampage (VIDEO)

A North Carolina State University freshman was cited for pulling more than 1,000 books off the school's library shelves while in the buff.

According to the Technician, police found Seth Pace in the D.H. Hill library shortly after 11 p.m. naked and "agitated in an altered mental state."

Student bystanders told the Technician that Pace was not aggressive toward campus police. Approximately 15 students witnessed Pace's strange rampage. Campus police Captain John Barnwell said Pace appeared to have been "under the influence of some sort of drug."

A cell phone video of the event has gone viral, ABC 11 reports:

"Yeah it's all over Facebook," NC State sophomore Stephanie Renn said. "There was people, at least 20 people, who were right there taking videos of it with their phones cameras. I've seen at least five people post it all over my news feed."

Pace was taken to an area hospital to be evaulated.

WATCH: Cell phone video (warning: partial nudity):