Comedian 'Kills': Woman Given Heimlich Maneuver At Comedy Show (VIDEO)

11/15/2010 03:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Like most comedians, when Jamie Kaler did his set at the Funny Bone in Columbus, Ohio, he hoped to walk off stage thinking he "killed." However, it probably didn't cross his mind that someone might actually come close to death while listening to his jokes.

As you'll see in this video (Kaler just happened to be recording that night), a woman out celebrating her 40th birthday ends up getting the Heimlich maneuver from fellow audience members after laughing uncontrollably at a joke. Of course, there was nothing to dislodge (except her giggles) and the woman was totally fine afterward.

Kaler does a good job remaining calm throughout and works in some comedy afterward to clear the air. Talk about a birthday to remember!



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