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Fast Food Day: Uniquely LA Fast Food

First Posted: 11/16/10 02:12 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:15 PM ET

You were good and ate your vegetables yesterday, so now we're serving up a big helping of the city's best chili cheese fries, triple-decker burgers, fried chicken, and hot dogs for National Fast Food Day.

The Hat
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The Hat
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Famous for its signature peppery, pink pastrami dip; the thinly shaved meat is griddle-fried and strewn across French rolls, accompanied by dill pickles and mustard. Burgers are served in generous portions and dressed with Thousand Island dressing. A large side order of fries should easily feed a group of four. - Tara Lis at Citysearch

Photo by Flickr: The DLC
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