11/16/2010 10:55 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

NYC Filmmaker Drinks Four Loko And Documents It, For Science

Now that New York officials have banned the import of boozey energy drink Four Loko, everyone wants to try it. Some of us are left trying to understand what the phenomenon was in the first place.

Filmmaker K. Ryan Jones, the director of the Fred Phelps documentary "Fall From Grace" took this curiosity one step further and scientifically documented his first encounter with Four Loko (two and a half, to be exact).

In the video (below) he drinks these brightly colored beverages, including watermelon and "purple flavored", and grows from a suited professional to a philosophical, paranoid mess, to 'Gary Busey' drunk. Then he recites Shakespeare and tries to flirt with a woman, all with varying success.