11/17/2010 08:13 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Alvin Greene: 'I'm The Next President'

Former South Carolina Senate candidate Alvin Greene (D) was in court on Tuesday, going about the next stage of his ongoing trial over an incident in which he allegedly showed pornography to a female University of South Carolina undergrad, when he suddenly delivered an outburst in which he claimed he will be "the next president."

After threatening to sue the Columbia Free-Times, which was on hand to cover the event, Greene reportedly turned his attention to his rumored 2012 presidential bid, an endeavor he has twice hinted at in recent days.

And then something strange happened. The Free-Times provides the next words that came out of Greene's mouth:

"I'm the next president," Greene said, while sitting on a bench. "I'll be 35 ... just before November, so I was born to be president. I'm the man. I'm the man. I'm the man. Greene's the man. I'm the man. I'm the greatest person ever. I was born to be president. I'm the man, I'm the greatest individual ever."

Greene's trial was postponed Tuesday to allow his attorney time to arrive at the courthouse. When his counsel finally did arrive, he surprised the court by informing the prosecutor that Greene would not accept a plea deal involving the lesser of two charges. A trial will now be held sometime next year to determine Greene's guilt or innocence.

The former South Carolina senate candidate could face up to three years in prison if found guilty of the misdemeanor charge and up to five years for the felony.