How The Fed Works: The Comic Book Version (PHOTOS)

11/17/2010 04:47 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Given the recent outpouring of commentary about the Federal Reserve's actions to stimulate the economy, we figured the world could use a refresher course -- in comic book form.

On the heels of the Fed's $600 billion asset-purchasing plan, Several GOP leaders have made news recently calling for the Fed to be stripped of its obligation to promote full employment. (The Fed's dual mandate also includes oversight of price stability.)

For those still confused this comic, released last year, attempts to explain how the Fed actually works.

It might not be as hilarious as the recent video from Omid Malekan, but the Fed's comic book incarnation does have its moments. Like when a banker asks his colleague, "Did I miss anything while I was out?" and she responds, "Yes, we just carried out today's open market operations." (Check out the whole comic here.)

We've compiled some of the best Fed comic book highlights below:

The Federal Reserve Explained In Comic Book Form