11/17/2010 08:25 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Creative Minds 2011: Watch Our Exclusive Interview With Ok Go (VIDEO)

As we we reach the end of the year, you'll no doubt be inundated with "best of 2010" lists on every topic imaginable. But we also want to look ahead to 2011--to the creative minds we're expecting great things from. These people have wowed us in many ways, but are nowhere near done.

When most people think of viral music videos, the first thing that comes to mind is OK Go--the band that's leveraged the Web to gain fame and has nearly 50 million views on their YouTube page as a result. Sometimes they play with dogs, or giant Rube Goldberg machines, or treadmills, but they always create a whimsical world which perfectly fits their music and entrances Web surfers.

They've been mocked on the "Simpsons," testified before Congress, and written for the New York Times. What's their response to all the attention? "We're trying to be a DIY band in a post-major label world," said frontman Damian Kulash. "Our whole bag is having good ideas and making cool shit." OK Go has three other members: Tim Nordwind (bass guitar and vocals), Dan Konopka (drums and percussion) and Andy Ross (guitar, keyboards and vocals), who all participate in the band's self-marketing.