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Funny Or Die Spoofs Chevron Again In 'Anatomy Of A Greenwash' (VIDEO)

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When Chevron chose to invest in a massive ad campaign instead of put the money towards repairing some of the major damage it has reportedly inflicted over the years, people were furious. As discussed in our previous article on the topic, a counter-campaign was created, forming the Chevron Thinks We're Stupid website.

Anger towards Chevron is understandable - According to, Texaco (acquired by Chevron) is responsible for dumping 18.5 billion gallons of toxic waste into Ecuador's drinking waters. Chevron has refused to take responsibility, and some reports suggest that about 1,000 people have died due to this contamination.

The same anti-Chevron website reports that Chevron's oil refinery in California is one of the state's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. The surrounding region reportedly suffers from high rates of asthma, cancer, and heart disease.

As Maria Ramos of Rainforest Action Network explains, "Rather than accept that it must clean up its toxic practices in Richmond, California, Ecuador and around the world, Chevron is pouring millions of dollars into slick advertising and political campaigns to convince people and politicians to look the other way."

Funny Or Die came out earlier with a Chevron ad spoof, and in this new video, they comically explore what quite possibly could have been going on behind Chevron's closed doors. One Funny Or Die actor states the Chevron policy well when he explains, "we're going to make pretending to care the new caring."

WATCH Funny Or Die's Newest Video Attack On Chevron:

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