11/18/2010 01:44 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Giles Deacon: 'I Never Thought ... I'd Be Cleaning Lindsay Lohan's Desk Out'

Designer Giles Deacon spoke to a crowd at the Art of Fashion event in London on Wednesday night and he made mention of taking the helm at Ungaro -- previously the fashion house with a future hanging by a thread after hiring Lindsay Lohan as its artistic advisor. Elle UK reports that Deacon remarked, "I never thought at the start of this year that I'd be cleaning Lindsay Lohan's desk out." Kind of an amazing visual. We wonder what she kept in there, but Giles didn't get into the details.

Deacon showed his first collection for the fashion house in October as part of Paris Fashion Week. He explained, "I'm interested in women who have got character and experience and an opinion about things. It's very much to do with characters...I don't like acres of faceless girls walking."

Another thing he's interested in: tarantulas, apparently. He recalled that several well-known store directors wouldn't step foot into his showroom after he placed (fake) spiders in the cleavage of models at his Spring 2010 show.