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10 Incredibly High Towns & Cities Around The World (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 11/18/10 01:42 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:15 PM ET

Have you ever been so high up in the mountains that you take a deep breath and it feels like you don't have any oxygen left at all?

One of the most amazing things about travel is seeing where and how human beings have adapted to a huge variety of conditions, including sky-high elevations over 2 miles above sea level.

The people In these 10 human settlements, from capital cities to remote villages, from the Himalayas to the Andes, live life at astonishing heights.

Have you been to a spectacularly high town or city somewhere in the world? Send us pictures!
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La Rinconada, Peru (16,728 ft): National Geographic Magazine's Highest City In The World
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