11/23/2010 03:06 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Scott Lee Cohen's Vanity Plate: D LT GOV

For five glorious days, Scott Lee Cohen was the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor.

He won the party's nomination for Illinois's second-in-command in the primary on Tuesday, February 2, a dark-horse candidate barely noticed beforehand by media observers.

After his win, though, people started asking questions, and boy, did they ever get some colorful answers. Allegations surfaced about Cohen taking steroids, abusing his wife, and threatening his ex-girlfriend with a knife to her throat.

A week of relentless media battering later, Cohen dropped out of the race quietly on Super Bowl Sunday.

Of course, he would go on to run for Governor as an independent, winning enough of the vote to spoil Republican Bill Brady's mansion dreams.

Now, he'll be sporting an unusual souvenir of his more-than-unusual 2010 political season.

According to Sun-Times gossip columnist Michael Sneed, Cohen has applied for and received a vanity license plate reading "D LT GOV."

He apparently applied for the plate at some point between his election as the Dem. Lt. Gov. and his leaving the ticket (i.e., that Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday). Still, though, he plans to affix it to either his new Cadillac or his 2010 Ford Escape.

At least he'll always have the memories.