11/30/2010 03:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jackie Chiles Defends Former Intern Barack Obama (VIDEO)

For the second time this month, "Seinfeld" lawyer Jackie Chiles has made a hilarious video for Funny Or Die in his newly reinstated legal office in L.A. This time, instead of promoting his services, Chiles came to the defense of "Barry O-Man," the person you probably know as President Barack Obama. It turns out, Obama was a former intern and paralegal for Chiles, and Chiles is tired of everyone criticizing the President.

Here Chiles pleads with America to "Take your foot off the man's throat" and stop blaming Obama for our hard times. Chiles even goes so far as to list the real culprits, including banks, mortgages and Madoff scams. Most importantly, Chiles asks us to let Obama "finish the job" before judging whether or not he's done a good one, summing it up with this great analogy:

"Don't zip it up until you shake it out, or you'll get the drip."