VIDEO: Losing Weight In A 2,500-Calorie-Pizzaburger World

11/29/2010 11:49 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A couple of months ago, when we heard about Burger King's new 2,500-calorie pizzaburger, we wondered if the average consumer had a chance of losing weight when fast food restaurants keep serving such calorie-laden fare.


Camera and editing by Hunter Stuart

Then we heard about Joe Cross. Cross was a successful businessman with a thriving career. He was also, in his words, "fat, sick and nearly dead." He weighed over 300 pounds and suffered from an autoimmune disorder that greatly effected his quality of life.

When Cross turned 40, he had a eureka moment. He decided to take control of his eating habits, went on a cross country juice fast, discussed weight loss with people from all walks of life, and lost over 100 lbs. Cross contends that the consumer can change fast food companies and demand healthier food for themselves, if they only organize and take control of their habits. (Read more about Joe Cross' journey here:)

Inspired by Joe Cross' journey, we ask HuffPost readers to share their stories. What was your eureka moment when you decided to stay healthy?

If Joe Cross' story inspired you to your own eureka moment, pledge to take control over your own eating habits.

Share Your Stories: When Did You Decide To Get Healthy?
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