12/01/2010 12:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Denver Nativity Scene Protested By Boulder Atheists

A group of Boulder atheists is launching a billboard campaign to protest the annual nativity scene set up outside the Denver City and County Building.

The group, which joined with an umbrella organization called the Colorado Coalition of Reason, is sponsoring three billboards protesting the display on the grounds that it constitutes government endorsement of religion.

The billboards, which will be installed on Speer Boulevard and 11th Street; Stout and 20th streets; and Welton and 22nd streets, will feature a picture of the scene with the text:

"Stop government support of religion. Move this Nativity Scene to a church."

The City of Denver, however, has said the display will remain on the steps of the City and County Building. "The display on the front steps of city hall is a holiday tradition in Denver, having survived numerous legal challenges over the past 40 years. Public sentiment and courts support this direction," a spokesman for Mayor Hickenlooper told KUSA.

As the Denver Post reports, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled the display to be constitutional in 1986.