12/01/2010 05:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Pepsi The Horse Rescued From Drain Pipe (VIDEO)

According to an NBC News report, a 27-year old horse named Pepsi fell into a concrete pipe in Colorado early this week. The horse was discovered with just his head sticking out. A neighbor used a backhoe to dig up the pipe, and then in true holiday spirit, volunteer firefighters, a veterinarian, county crews, and neighbors all worked together to pull out the horse. Pepsi was successfully rescued by the charitable group.

Sadly, not all people are as eager to rescue horses. Aside from a high demand for horse meat in many countries, the Humane Society has found that racehorses may be shipped off for slaughter once they are deemed "unsuccessful" at racing.

Fortunately for Pepsi, enough people saw value in this horse to arrange a wholehearted rescue effort.

WATCH the rescue effort: