12/01/2010 08:34 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'The Liberal Clause': David Hedrick, Failed Congressional Candidate, Pens Children's Tea Party Christmas Book

David Hedrick, a Tea Partier who launched an eventually unsuccessful run for Congress after achieving viral fame for a combative tirade at a town hall meeting in the summer of 2009, is supposedly out to save Christmas from Barack Obama with a new Tea Party children's book.

From the advance looks at the publication, "The Liberal Clause," looks to pick up in the same vein that his rant against retiring Rep. Brian Baird (D-Wash.) left off.

In 2009, Hedrick vehemently charged that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi should be checking her sleeve for Nazi insignia. Now, he's toning down his message for a younger audience by telling a holiday tale of a socialist Santa, Barry "The Liberal Claus" Obama -- who is possibly not actually born in the North Pole -- and his diminutive companion "Elf Peloosi." From what he provides on the site, it looks like we can expect appearances by "Mr. Snore" (Al Gore), a Glenn Beck-watching family, Stalin, Hugo Chavez, and at least one hippie, among others.

Here's how Fox News describes the plot (caution: may contain spoilers):

Liberal Claus forces the elves to unionize, bails out the sled industry with town money, and stipulates that all children be given the same amount of toys, no matter if they've been naughty or nice.

He cites a "liberal clause" in the town's "Christmatution" that allows him to get away with all of this - along with trying to control "elf-made global warming" and forcing townsfolk to attend a church presided over by a "Reverend Blight."

In the end, one little girl defends the Christmastution and saves the town from Liberal Claus' takeover - by unplugging his teleprompter.

Fox News also reports that Hedrick's book has gotten him booked for a Christmas episode of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show."

Sasha Brown-Worsham at the Stir blog points out that this newly decided children's author is the same man who stood before a couple hundred people last summer and angrily yelled for a U.S. congressman to "stay away from my kids." Now, Hedrick is encouraging other people's kids to read a politically charged book sprinkled with some of the most controversial beliefs of the Tea Party and "birther" movements.

Also complicating matters is the fact that Hedrick is still in the midst of a legal proceeding for allegedly assaulting his wife.

The book costs $19.95, and every copy of it will come signed by Hedrick himself.