Brittney Jones Sex Tape: Ashton Kutcher's Purported Mistress In 'Explicit' Sex Video

12/02/2010 12:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UPDATE: Earlier on Friday, it was reported that Ashton Kutcher's legal team sent a letter to Vivid Entertainment threatening legal action if they released the DVD, which has Ashton's name on the cover. RadarOnline.com has learned that Vivid intends on releasing the tape.

"We intend to release the video - only Ashton's first name is on the cover. The whole situation in now in the hands of our lawyers," Vivid spokesperson Jackie Markham told the site. "But again we are planning to release the tape."

A sex tape featuring Brittney Jones, Ashton Kutcher's alleged mistress, has been acquired by Adult Entertainment company Vivid Entertainment and is set for release on December 14th.

Jones, who sold her story to Star Magazine, claims to have met Kutcher in July at a bowling alley, and had sex with the star on a couch soon after:

"He's a great lover," Jones told the magazine. "Very considerate and sweet. And it was very special to me. I felt totally comfortable in his arms. It was tender and nice--not some random sex act."

She later insisted that Ashton and wife Demi Moore have an open relationship, with plenty of threesomes.

Read release from Vivid below:

Vivid has obtained never-before-released footage that shows Brittney engaged in very explicit, uninhibited sex with a former boyfriend. Ashton's fans will undoubtedly enjoy seeing what the star himself may have experienced, in this exclusive video.

"We've acquired the tape and confirmed its authenticity. Brittney is obviously a beautiful young girl who could clearly seduce any man," said Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of the world's leading adult film company. "We've consulted with our attorneys and feel comfortable that we will be able to distribute the tape."

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