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Blizzard Man: Robert De Niro Grinds With Diddy In 'SNL' Sketch (VIDEO)

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During his third time hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, legendary actor Robert De Niro never got sillier than in the sketch below. "Blizzard Man" featured musical guest Diddy as well as De Niro (in drag) in a bit surrounding one of Andy Samberg's go-to characters: the ridiculous rapper.

During a recording session, Diddy introduces "Blizzard Man" as the "hottest hook guy on the planet" before he launches into some of the hokiest rhymes of all time. De Niro steals he spotlight when he enters in drag as Blizzard's mom. Highlights include De Niro saying the words "a b***h gotta stay dipped" as well as Diddy telling De Niro he would "tear that a** up" before the two launch into a grind session.


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