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'SNL' Digital Short Spoofs 'Weekend At Bernie's' With 'Party At Mr. Bernard's' (VIDEO)

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This week's "SNL Digital Short" did not disappoint as it attempted to fill the plot holes in the 1989 camp classic "Weekend At Bernie's." As soon as Devin and Rocky (Andy Samberg and Bill Hader) enter the spot-on 80s seaside condo of their employer "Mr. Bernard," you know exactly what movie they are parodying. Sure enough, an unconscious Robert De Niro sits at Mr. Bernard's desk, and the boys concoct the atrocious storyline that is "Weekend At Bernie's."

Anyone who's seen "Bernie's" 1 or 2 knows how disturbing it would actually be to "party" with a dead person in real life. This digital short shows what would actually happen if you dressed up your dead boss in a Hawaiian shirt and fed him frozen margaritas all night long to "get babes." It's still ridiculous, but definitely makes more sense than the original storyline.


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