12/10/2010 12:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Silverman Does Vaginal Health PSA on 'Conan' (VIDEO)

As 'Conan' enters its second month of broadcast, we continue to be impressed by the caliber of guests the lanky, red-haired host has procured. Needless to say we'd tune in just for the Spider-man musical previews alone, but Conan's interviews have been thoroughly entertaining to say the least. Last night was no different, as Sarah Silverman came on to talk about her first book, being a role model, and yes, vaginal cleanliness.

In this impromptu public service announcement, Silverman directly addresses the camera to speak to the nation's women about this very important topic. She may not be a doctor, but Silverman has a few tips for those unfortunate women who experience a not-so-fresh feeling down there.