12/10/2010 09:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stewart: Obama Losing His Patience With American People

Have people been too hard on President Obama? On Thursday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart approached this topic based on the American people's response to the President's recent tax cut deal. At his most recent press conference, you didn't even need to have the sound on to see how annoyed Obama was.

Stewart pointed out that Obama has always been frustrated with Republicans, but now it seems like he's become disillusioned with his own supporters. At the press conference, he defended his compromise with Republicans that even the richest Americans would keep their tax cuts and unemployment benefits would be extended. When Obama said it was like the public option battle all over again -- no one caring if a much-needed bill was passed because of one compromise that was made -- you could really see how frustrated he was.

"If he sticks with his agenda, it's a problem. If he moves off his agenda, it's a problem!" Stewart said.

For more, Stewart turned to Wyatt Cynac, who offered his own theories on why Obama has fallen out of love with the American people more than the American people have fallen out of love with him. Could it be that his supporters just aren't as energized as they were in the 2008 election? Where is "Obama Girl" now?