02/10/2011 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bernie Sanders Filibuster A Hit For C-SPAN

Mr. Sanders has gone to C-SPAN.

Senator Bernard Sanders, independent of Vermont, started speaking against the Obama administration's tax cut deal on Friday morning, in full view of C-SPAN2's cameras, and by lunchtime his old-fashioned filibuster was a social media sensation, with untold thousands of people commenting in real-time on Web sites like Twitter. The live video remains available on C-SPAN's Web site. Sensing an opportunity, C-SPAN2 -- the Senate-oriented sister channel to C-SPAN, which chiefly covers the House of Representatives -- promoted the event on its Web site and Twitter account. Taking lessons from the production values of cable news, a graphic on the bottom of the C-SPAN2 screen told viewers, "ALERT: Sen. Sanders Began What He Calls a Tax Cut Filibuster at 10:25am ET."