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Meteor Shower Tonight: Geminid 2010 To Peak December 13, 14 (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 12/13/10 11:00 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:20 PM ET

UPDATE: CLICK HERE to watch videos from the Geminid meteor shower.

Stargazers are in for a treat tonight as the annual Geminid meteor shower is set to peak in the early hours of December 14, 2010. According to The AP, astronomers predict that it will be the best meteor shower of the year, with over 100 blazing meteors streaking through the sky each hour.

While the entire shower should be somewhat visible between December 12 and December 16, the best time to watch is between midnight tonight and sunset tomorrow morning, with ideal visibility in the Northern Hemisphere.

The meteors will appear to fall from the Gemini constellation, thus the reason for its name, so face northeast to witness the spectacle.

According to National Geographic, Geminid is the only annual meteor shower though to come from an asteroid-like object, known as 3200 Phaethon, a three-mile-wide space rock discovered by a NASA satellite in 1983.

Check out some photos of previous years' Geminids below.

Meteor Shower
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In this Dec. XX, 2009 picture provided by Wally Pacholka of, a Geminid fireball explodes over the Mojave Desert in the Jojave Desert, Calif. on Dec. 13, 2009. In mid-December 2010, the Geminid meteor shower will make its annual appearance, just in time for Christmas. Astronomers consider it the best meteor shower of 2010, with more than 100 meteors streaking through the night sky every hour. (AP Photo/, Wally Pacholka)
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