12/14/2010 10:28 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ryan Devaney Fatally Attacks Parents Before Attempting Suicide

A Brooklyn man fatally stabbed his mother and slashed his father's throat before throwing himself at an oncoming G train, police said.

Ryan Devaney attacked his parents in their Windsor Terrace home. His father is in critical condition after Devaney repeatedly slashed him; his mother, who was stabbed in the eye and abdomen, died at the scene.

Devaney ran over to the 15th street station and jumped onto the tracks as the G train approached, but he survived the apparent attempted suicide. He was rushed to the Lutheran Medical Center hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

Neighbors told the Daily News that Devaney was mentally ill, someone who was "in and out of institutions" and could be heard fighting with his parents constantly.

The News describes how a young man discovered this gruesome scene:

Andres Solis, 19, said he was walking to his job at a local Key Foods when he saw the wounded parents sprawled out on the sidewalk.

"He was bleeding from the neck," Solis said of Raymond Devaney. "Then I saw a lady laying on the floor, bleeding, asking for help."

Solis said the some sanitation workers raced over to help them before cops arrived.