12/16/2010 09:53 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How To Be Self-Sufficient: DIY Baking, Crafts, Gardening And More (PHOTOS)

More and more families and individuals are being drawn toward a lifestyle that is greener, cleaner, and more aware. We want to know where our food is coming from, even be able to touch the dirt that it springs from, if possible. We want our children (or nieces or nephews or godchildren) to understand that eggs come from chickens--not just from cardboard cartons on supermarket shelves. We love the idea of building things with our own hands, of picking our own berries, of making fresh bread and spreading it with homemade butter. We are, in short, longing for self-sufficiency.

Whether we live in the country or in the heart of New York City, there are many easy ways to incorporate independent living practices into our daily lives. Here are ten simple ways to engage in self-sufficiency, wherever you live.

Self-Sufficiency Tips