12/16/2010 10:09 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stewart Interviews Puppet Michael Steele On His Seeking Re-Election (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart brought back one of our favorite recurring characters, the puppet version of Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele. Like many, Stewart is surprised that Steele is seeking re-election considering his gaffes, sex club scandal and draining of the RNC budget.

Steele's own party has not been enthusiastic about his return. To understand why, Stewart showed a clip where he admits to having about $3 million left of the nearly $20 million budget he started with, and another where he refers to himself as "a street guy."

"You live in an affluent suburb in Maryland! The only street you remind people of is 'Sesame Street,'" Stewart said.

So why is Steele seeking a second term? For more, Stewart turned to Steele himself -- well, the puppet version -- via satellite. Steele, voiced hilariously by Wyatt Cynac, immediately launched into the vernacular we love so much. For example,

"That's how we do it on the street lunch meat!" is how the puppet explains why he's seeking another term.

Watch the clip to hear Stewart interview puppet Steele about his "G-O-Peeps," why he wants to repeal "Obibble Care" and cut taxes for "Bibillionaires," among other things.