Google Refusing To Turn Over WiFi Data Says State AG

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HARTFORD, Conn. — Connecticut's attorney general says Google is refusing to give him access to data it collected about state residents from public Wi-Fi networks.

In May, Google announced that it had inadvertently collected information from people's online activities from unsecured networks in more than 30 countries while taking photographs for its Street View mapping project.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and officials in nearly 40 other states have been seeking to review the information to see if Google improperly accessed e-mails, passwords and other private data.

He had given Google until 5 p.m. Friday to turn over the data. Blumenthal says he will now consider whether legal action is warranted.

Blumenthal previously said Google had allowed Canadian and other authorities to review the information.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Google declined to comment on Blumenthal's efforts Friday.

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