2010 Census: The Most Surprising Facts (PHOTOS)

12/21/2010 04:07 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Think you can name the one state in America that actually lost residents since 2000?

Today the Census Bureau released a vast trove of data for their decennial look at America's demographics. While much attention has been paid to America's total population, which hit 308.7 million per the Census' latest data, there is a staggering amount of information available to sift through. (Check out our 2010 Census live blog that can walk you through all the data.)

We've compiled some of the most striking and surprising facts from the latest batch of census information below. Some of the data, like the rapid growth rates of Nevada and Arizona, look back to a pre-financial crisis era. Other aspects of the Census highlight larger trends, like the continuing population decline in the Midwest.

Which fact about America's demographics did you find most surprising? Check them out below:

Most Surprising 2010 Census Facts
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