Joan Rivers Talks Kate Middleton's Style, British 'IUD' Hats

12/21/2010 04:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Cut tracked down Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa, and the duo weighed in on the topic du jour: Kate Middleton's style. And Joan had some nice things to say!

Joan: I think she's going to be smarter than all of us put together. She's got the body, she's very thin, she's got a great style to her. The hats are the terrible [Philip] Treacy hats -- half of them I swear look like IUDs. But she knows what she's doing, she's smart, she's older -- it's not like Princess Diana at 19. I think she's looked gorgeous so far.

Melissa: Central Casting could not have sent over anyone more perfect. And people I know in the circle of both Prince Charles and Prince William say she is absolutely a hole in one. I think the clothes are perfect. The next thing is eventually she'll cut her hair, and that will start a whole other trend. It's that whole thing where she's really pretty, but not where she's intimidating to other women.

A Kate Middleton haircut? Could the world handle that?

Joan also dished on the difficulties of reporting on awards season. Sounds like she's totally over dealing with the red carpet:

When you're on the red carpet, you get word from on high: "Don't say anything bad about Angelina Jolie because she's a friend of the network. Don't say anything bad about Sarah Jessica Parker because she's a friend of the network." No one says anything bad [about celebrities] -- they're not going to say, "Your ass is too big, and you shouldn't be wearing that color, and you look like a fool." You can't say that so what's the point of doing the red carpet? So [with my E! show] the Fashion Police, when they came to me, they said let her do it. I don't have to meet them on the red carpet. I don't have to deal with Rihanna. Rihanna and I will never meet unless we both go clubbing together, and I don't think we'll go to the same clubs.

Agree. On all counts.

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