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Historic Net Neutrality Vote: Watch The FCC's Meeting LIVE

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The Federal Communications Commission is holding what it described as a "momentous meeting on the Open Internet" beginning at 10:30AM ET Tuesday morning.

At the meeting, the FCC is set to vote on net neutrality rules that would require Internet service providers treat all information traveling over broadband networks equally.

The FCC will be live-streaming the meeting (Watch it here), live blogging it, and tweeting the proceedings via @FCC.

The FCC's net neutrality proposal has been slammed from all sides. Opponents of the plan, like Republican FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell, called the plan a "threat to Internet freedom," while net neutrality advocates criticize the agency's proposal for maintaining an "Open Internet," saying it does not go far enough.

The FCC's regulations are "worse than nothing," wrote Al Franken. Free Press' Timothy Karr called the FCC's rule "toothless," "riddled with loopholes," and a sign that the FCC "has given its stamp of approval to online discrimination."

Still, the plan looks set to pass. The AP writes, "FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski now has the three votes needed for approval, despite firm opposition from the two Republicans on the five-member commission. Genachowski's two fellow Democrats said Monday they will vote for the rules, even though they consider them too weak."

What do you think of the FCC"s proposal? Weigh in below.

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