12/21/2010 08:53 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Swedish Medical Students Shocked When Autopsy Cadaver Turns Out To Be Their Professor

A group of Swedish medical students preparing to perform an autopsy on a medical cadaver were appalled to find out that the body was that of their former professor.

Course coordinators at the Karolinska Institute called the situation "extremely unfortunate."

Typically, it is standard practice for students to know who they will be conducting an autopsy on ahead of the event. But that did not happen in this case.

Even though the students recognized the body of their professor, they held their tongues went through with the procedure as planned. One student called the experience "very emotional."

Department Head Tina Dalianis told news agency TT that the event was "terrible" but "part of education sometimes."

"Unfortunately, they must deal with it," she said.