Maya Moore: Could She Play In The NBA? (POLL)

12/22/2010 03:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The UConn women's basketball team's historic victory last night may have propelled the team into the history books (and earned them a call from President Obama), but perhaps it may have changed sports as we know them.

UConn's Maya Moore, the senior who has led the Huskies to their 89 wins, isn't yet being openly discussed for the NBA, but the hype seems to be there. TIME magazine posed the question, and considering her skills, speed and upper body strength the possibility can't be ruled out.

From TIME:

After Moore and UConn torched Louisiana State University earlier this season, LSU coach Van Chancellor, a Hall of Famer who won four WNBA titles with the Houston Comets and coached 2004 Olympic team, which won gold in Athens, made an insightful point about Moore. Chancellor described how Moore was the rare women's player whose upper-body strength, and technically sound shooting technique, allowed her to catch a pass and immediately rise up to the basket in one motion, just like any NBA player. Most women players have to reset their feet, and almost hop, to summon the leg strength to take a shot. This slows down their motions, and makes them easier to defend. Since Moore can skip that move, she can essentially get her shot of whenever, and wherever, she wants.

Though the Huskies' 89th win was historic, completing another undefeated season in Moore's senior year might be the edge she would need to have a shot at the NBA. Her 41 points and 10 rebounds last night dominated 20th ranked Florida State.

NBA Commissioner David Stern has already said it's "well within the range of possibilities," that a woman may play in the NBA with decade, according to Sports Illustrated.

Will it be Moore?

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