2010 Rap Up: The Year Of WTF (VIDEO)

12/27/2010 04:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The final days of the year always bring a wave of nostalgia, and so far 2010 has been no different. So far today we brought you the funniest people of the year as well as the funniest (non-Antoine Dodson) videos of the year, and now we bring you a great year in review song by SeanieMic, also known as The Parody Rapper.

If you saw SeanieMic's 2009 version last year you'll be familiar with what he considers to be "WTF" (it's not all bad). This 2010 edition sums up all the year's most talked about stories, including Betty White hosting "SNL", the KFC Double Down, Leno vs. Conan, the iPad and more.