12/27/2010 03:06 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

XWave Brings Mind-Control To The iPhone (VIDEO)

Mind control is now on the iPhone.

The latest in the field of emerging mind-controlled games and devices, XWave takes things a step further with iPhone integration. While this iteration of the device is purely entertaining, the implications for the future are great.

The headset, which attaches to the iPhone through the headphone jack, allows users to control graphical images displayed by its free iPhone app. According to the device's developer, PLX, the device is also open to use with 3rd party applications.

While far from perfect, Mashable reports that in their time with the device the results were relatively accurate, and the visual changes on screen did coincide while testers' mental states.

Though the device is little more than an expensive "parlor trick" at the moment, according to Mashable, the prospect of thought-controlled phone use may have some serious implications, namely a unique solution for hands-free phone use while driving.