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Arthur Blank Gatorade Bath: Falcons Owner Gets Dumped On After Season Finale (VIDEO)

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The Atlanta Falcons clinched a playoff spot and home-field advantage in the post-season Sunday night, but their celebration may have turned more heads.

With seconds left to play, Falcons owner Arthur Blank came down to congratulate his team, but didn't exactly expect the congratulations some Falcons had in store for him.

Roddy White and Michael Turner, two of the Falcons' offensive stars, chose to give Blank a Gatorade bath, a tradition that would normally go to the head coach, Mike Smith. Blank's ability to keep the team afloat in the face of previous Michael Vick controversy, and smart moves that have led the Falcons in a tremendous turn-around, have made Blank a beloved figure in Atlanta, according to Yahoo Sports.


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