01/03/2011 12:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Snooki & Bobby Moynihan Gear Up For 2011 (VIDEO)

If you didn't tune in to MTV's New Year's Bash for the Snooki ball drop, you didn't miss much. However, this funny sketch the orange "Jersey Shore" queen did with her "SNL" doppelganger on the last night of the year was definitely worth seeing.

We've got the clip below where Snooki and Bobby Moynihan (in his signature Snooki garb) say goodbye to the "friggin' awesome" year that was 2010. They also go through some intensive training to "take over" 2011 including practicing fist pumps, gratuitous hair spray use and Karate.

Aside form the obvious highlight of Moynihan mocking Snooki directly to her face, watch until the end to see Moynihan actually get a smooch (or is it a "smoosh?") from the little one we love to hate.