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Princeton Alums Hold Contest To See Who Can Have Sex With The Most Women

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The most controversial thing coming out of Princeton is no longer hummus. Three of the school's graduates -- one a state department employee, two "yachting enthusiasts" -- recently made headlines for engaging in a sex contest to see which one of them can "get" the most women.

Robert Huber, Adam Wible and Ian McHenry, all Princeton class of '05, started compiling their list in August, and the details are not so complimentary to any of the involved parties.

Both Jezebel and IvyGate have transcripts of an ongoing e-mail chain between the three that spells out their exploits in language that is often racist and misogynistic. The men consistently describe their conquests in terms of race and appearance -- phrases like "tiny little Cuban thing" and "classy Jap" litter their exchange.

An example of their correspondence (names of women and e-mail addresses have been redacted by Jezebel):

On Nov 18, 2010, at 17:12, Robert Huber wrote:

gratitude for setting me up with [xxxx]? nah, it was my choice anyway. have to do something to keep my numbers up! besides, new ass is always entertaining, at least the first time. and she does have a pretty good body.

also noting that i've now stuck it in one hole that each of you guys has stuck it into ([xxxx] of the kings and unshaved [xxxx]).

ian's girl was named [xxxx]? so did your girls know each other or did you lure them onto the boat independently?

On Nov 18, 2010, at 18:47, Adam Wible wrote:

Woah [xxxx] wasn't unshaved for me! Tough luck. Just joshin you. We found our girls together, walking around the food market.

On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 5:14 AM, Ian McHenry wrote:

36 [xxxx], German. Fucked her on the fore deck of Dennis's, 60 year old Brit rager, yacht. Then fucked her in the cockpit. Pictures may have been taken by onlookers. High fives were definitely given. Yeah buddy!

Huber is a state department employee who is "representing American interests abroad". Wible and McHenry are currently on a yacht trip in Asia that they've been writing about on their blog, Let's Go Yachting!

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