01/05/2011 10:15 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jimmy Fallon Presents His New Year 'Do Not Read' List (VIDEO)

Tuesday night on "Late Night," Jimmy Fallon did another hilarious installment of his "Do Not Read" list, where he shows you real, ridiculous "books that stink big time."

In this new year edition, Fallon presented such gems as "Make-Up For Fun," an absolutely terrifying costume idea book for children. We really liked Fallon's reaction to the cover photo, which featured a little boy wearing a black veil and clown makeup:

"They should rename it 'Make-Up For Kids That Scare The Crap Out Of Me,'" Fallon quipped. "Why would you dress your kid up like an old widow?"

Check out both clips below to see Fallon's other hilarious finds, including our personal favorite,
"The Texas-Israeli War Of 1999"

WATCH: Part One

WATCH: Part Two