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Epic Google Docs VIDEO Uses Hidden Features To Create Stunning Animation

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Google's Demo Slam video competitions can be a fun and creative way to learn about Google products and their features. One such video demonstrates the epic collaborative potential of Google Docs, a web-based document sharing tool.

Created by three artists calling themselves Tu+, Namroc and Metcalf, the video shows the three-day process of creating "the most awesome 450 page presentation ever," as the animation is titled. From their three separate locations, each of the participants helps complete a stunning romp through Google Doc's lesser-known special features. The creators claim to have used "no animation software" and "no high-tech hardware," either. This stunner is "nothin' but Google Docs."

Take a look at the animation (below), and see why Mashable calls it "magic" and Business Insider calls it "easily the coolest use of Google Docs we have ever seen."

WATCH:[via Business Insider]

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