01/06/2011 12:13 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Reince Priebus Gets Colbert Bump In RNC Race (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night's "Colbert Report" Stephen took aim at Monday's Republican National Committee Chairman debate, noting the same gaffes as Jon Stewart did the night before, but giving special attention to one candidate in particular: Reince Priebus.

Colbert is a noted fan of Michael Steele, who currently "hip-hoppupies" the RNC Chairman position. However, Colbert has a good feeling about Priebus, especially compared to Missouri's Ann Wagner, who thought one of the debate questions was "favorite bar" instead of "book" even after hearing Riebus answer, "The Reagan Diaries."

"It's an honest mistake," Colbert said. "After all, The Reagan Diaries is the name of a great bar in the D.C. area. Their signature cocktail? The Trickle Down, where the bartender keeps giving your drink to the rich guy next to you until he vomits in your glass."

Although he seemed convinced that Priebus is the only candidate who can beat Steele, and someone who was destined to become a household name, Colbert had to ask: "What's A Reince Priebus?"

Watch the rest of the clip to hear his answers to that question, including an anagram for "Brie Penis Cure" as well as what a stoned person says to a cop when they get pulled over.

Colbert also suggests a great running mate for Priebus: Saxby Chambliss. Wait until you see what their bumper sticker would look like.