01/07/2011 04:05 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Orange Alligator Found In Florida By Sylvia Mythen (VIDEO)

Residents at Sorrento Woods in Venice, Florida have a new neighbor: an orange alligator!

Sylvia Mythen first saw the alligator on Wednesday on her way to work. "I thought, this is great. I'm going to snap a picture and send it to my grandkids so they think I'm the coolest grandma in Florida," she told WWSB in this video (via CNN).

Mythen contacted her local news station, as well as a biologist. The biologist speculated that the alligator was probably somewhere between an albino and a normal alligator. He said that orange alligators are extremely rare, so rare that he had never seen one.

According to the AP, experts with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission believe the gator was somehow covered in paint or another orange substance, but they don't think the gator is genetically orange.

Do you think the orange alligator is real or a dye job?