01/10/2011 11:01 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hand Grenade Replica Found At Chicago Goodwill Store

An employee at the Goodwill Store in Chicago's West Loop was sorting through merchandise on Sunday afternoon when she found an item that was decidedly low in good will: a hand grenade.

The Chicago Police Bomb and Arson Unit rushed to the scene, clearing and cordoning off the area around the 1201 W. Washington location. But on further investigation, they determined that the object was in fact an "inert" replica of a hand grenade.

"It did not have the potential to pose any threat," police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli told, the Chicago Sun-Times.

The fake grenade was found in a box of donated items, according to the Tribune. Unclear why anyone would donate a grenade to a Goodwill store (maybe they meant it to be a toy?), but with the scare past, the store is back open for business Monday morning.