01/10/2011 09:14 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

SNL Takes On New York's Real Estate Problems (VIDEO)

This weekend's Saturday Night Live host may live in LA, but Jim Carrey's got a good ear for how 'authentic' New Yorkers sound.

Case in point: this weekend on SNL he, Fred Armisen and Kirsten Wiig played in a band called "Taste of New York."

In the sketch, tourists gathered at the Times Square Marriot to hear a real New York band. As the three of them -- disheveled, hunched over -- took the stage the crowd asked for renditions of "New York, New York" but instead got a depressing tune about the horrors of housing in alphabet city.

Carrey crooned in a croaking, weakened voice about junkies stealing his television, hookers making too much noise upstairs, and finding rats in baby carriages. Also, Kirsten Wiig would buy new stockings but gets arrested every time she goes into a Duane Reade. All very 'New York' indeed.