01/12/2011 02:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

York Prep Academy Scandal: Principal Christopher Durnford Fired

A principal of an elite private school has been fired after having an inappropriate relationship with a student, sources told the New York Post.

From the Post:

Christopher Durnford, 39, was suddenly booted as principal of York Prep Academy over winter break after what students described as months of suspicions that he had crossed the line with a female volleyball player. Durnford had been serving as the girls' team volleyball coach.

"People knew about it last school year," said one student. "She used to go to his office last year a lot -- more than she should."

A source close to the school said nothing improper happened between Durnford and the student until the girl turned 18 and graduated last June.

Several students said Durnford displayed unusual behavior, like "patting the butts of girls" on the volleyball team.

Perhaps the oddest detail of this story is that Durnford's firing was announced last week in a welcome-back letter to parents by te school's co-founder Ronald Steward, whose daughter happens to be married to Durnford.

Tuition at the school is about $35,000 a year.