01/13/2011 05:40 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Police Dress Like Pizza Delivery Men To Bust Credit Card Forger

William Peppers of Chicago got more than he ordered from an Edwardo's pizza delivery man on January 8.

The 31-year-old Peppers got his pizza, wings, a soda -- and an arrest for felony forgery.

The pizza chain got suspicious when Peppers, using the name "John" with "a Polish-sounding last name," gave two credit card numbers and expiration dates that were declined. They also recognized the address as one that had been used in the past for fraudulent transactions, TribLocal reports.

So they contacted Skokie police officers, who put on vests with the Edwardo's logo, and slapped a sticker for the chain on an unmarked police car.

They headed to the Computer Systems Institute in Skokie, where the pizza was ordered. No one by the name of John Something-Polish was on the premises.

But Peppers flagged the disguised officer down. He signed a receipt for the pizza, with the information of the third credit card he'd tried.

That card belonged to a woman who cancelled it days earlier because of fraudulent activity.

Once he signed the receipt, Peppers was arrested by his delivery man. He'll appear in court on January 18, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.