01/14/2011 08:38 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

New Astrological Signs: What This Means For You (PHOTOS)

As you may have heard, there appears to be a different way to figure out zodiac signs that people are just finding out about now. Yesterday, this new information sent what seemed like everyone on the Internet into an identity crisis. Some Virgos are now Leos, Cancers Geminis, and if you were a Scorpio before, by this new logic chances are you aren't (it's about a week long). But, to quote the "Double Rainbow" guy, what does this mean? To clarify, we bring you 12 things your new astrological sign could mean for you. See what we came up with below and vote for your favorite!

12 Things Your New Zodiac Sign Means For You (PHOTOS)