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9 Ways To Save On Textbooks

First Posted: 01/17/11 11:08 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:25 PM ET

Have you ever dropped $300 on a textbook, only to use it as a glorified paperweight/doorstop/coaster? Yeah, it's pretty upsetting -- both to your GPA and your bank account.

But, have no fear. There are ways to avoid the insanely expensive textbook trap. Beyond not buying a class's required book in the first place -- which is risky, but can pay off -- here are nine things you can do to save money for more important things.

Let us know of your textbook-saving tips in the comments section.

Open-Source It
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Google Books, Project Gutenberg and Flat World Knowledge are championing the open-source movement, and have started posting e-texts that can be accessed for free.
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