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Andres Alonso, CEO Of Baltimore Public Schools, Used 'Four Things' To Fix Broken School System

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Andres Alonso, Baltimore's CEO of public schools, thinks that too many school districts are stuck in their ways.

"In most school systems, there's a huge gravitational pull for doing the same thing. So we shouldn't expect different outcomes."

Alonso was recently interviewed by CNN regarding the transformation Baltimore schools have seen in recent years.

Baltimore City public schools were underperforming, with less than half of students graduating and test scores that were well under the national average.

So he introduced four core concepts: leadership, choice/competition, hard choices and engage the community.

Four years later, they're the best schools of the state.

Alonso talked about his plan, how it worked, and how it can work for other districts in the nation. His solution? Try, try, try again, as long as it's a different technique every time.

"We have very, very consciously looked at the history of the district, look at what has been done in the past, and we have very, very intentionally tried to do things in a very different way."


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