Stewart Mocks Michael Steele One Last Time With Puppet (VIDEO)

01/18/2011 09:43 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On Monday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart took one last go at Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele as he leaves his post.

Things didn't go so well for Steele during his final speech. First the RNC emblem fell off his podium as he was saying "The Republican party is a good party," and then his party went against his endorsement of Maria Cino to be his successor and elected Wisconsin state party chairman Reince Priebus instead.

Priebus, the candidate to whom Stephen Colbert gave his infamous bump and whose name has already delighted Stewart and Colbert on both their shows, isn't likely to provide the same fodder for comedy as did Steele.

So, Stewart thought it appropriate to have one last hurrah with his infamous puppet Michael Steele to say goodbye and find out what he thinks of Priebus. Naturally, Steele went for the obvious joke first.

"His name makes no sense," Steele said. "Whose his mom, Jodie Foster's character in 'Nell'?"

But Puppet Steele's best joke came later, and combined a jab at Priebus with one at Brett Favre:

"I'm not saying he's a d--k from Wisconsin, but Brett Favre just texted me his picture."

Watch the rest of the clip to see what's next for Michael Steele -- well, the puppet version anyhow.


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